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Love_Sex_Dating's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Welcome to Dating Connections! [11 Aug 2016|11:11pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Long distance was the way to go for us. We talked for a month before we met up. Neither of us could afford to travel to another state. But it was love at first word, really… so we stuck it out. Here’s to everyone who perseveres in tough relationships.

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3 Answers To The Question: What Do Women Want? [23 Oct 2014|03:17pm]

1.  We want to be desired.
When we know that someone loves us, wants us of all his body and soul, we feel a surge of energy and strength, which we thought we were not able to have before. Beloved person is always on the side of his woman, he is her support and strength. Then we, women feel stability, and it is an indescribable feeling.
We like when you, man call us, write , are interested in all the details and minutiae of our lived day. How important it is to have someone to whom we can turn when we feel bad and lonely.
2. The women need a friend.
The most important aspect of a romantic relationship - is, above all, a sense of necessity, but the relationship will not be real, and will never advance if people don't begin to listen to and hear each other.
3 We want to feel special.
If a man really loves his woman, he will show it to her. He'll convince this by any means: bestowing flowers, candy, chocolate, icecream,   sweets  (and not just on holidays), giving attention to, and even if the whole day he is busy, he'll find a minute of his time, and write her "I love you. "
Men can enjoy their actions, because by doing what they like, they delight their women. In the end, they will have common traditions and interests.

what do women want
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Hunter's Third Tease [14 May 2013|09:19am]

[ mood | hot ]

My fellow Pervy Lit Mod Candy Kitten and I asked Pervy Lit Members and Friends to submit erotic teasers, fantasies and confessions. You're going to enjoy these hot erotic ficlets!

With the infinitely careful slowness of manipulating objects in outer space, he let his hand move toward her cheek. She closed her eyes as first his palm, then each gentle fingertip, encountered her skin. He moved just enough to be caressing instead of just holding her, but it was almost impossible to see the movement.

He felt that he had been alive since the universe's birth, waiting aeons for this moment. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, and her eyes fluttered open as if sensing his anticipation. Her mouth opened slightly, and she shifted her weight so her face was a centimeter closer to his. Both their eyes widened, softened somehow, and reflected light that wasn't really there.

His palm angled out now, and he let his fingertips trace a line down to her jaw, memorizing the angles of her face, calculating intercept points, docking procedures. He lowered his head, drawn in by her inexorable gravity.

Lips barely brushed together, cautious but certain, and his tongue darted out for just a moment, needing desperately to know the taste of her as well as the yielding pressure of the kiss. However, she suddenly found boldness, and enticed it inside with her own, both twisting together slickly in her mouth. Passion burst in their eyes like the flare of a newly-born star, and the kiss deepened. He moaned, in the depths of his throat, not certain she would hear.

His hand was in her hair now, entangled, and her arms had slipped around his back, pressing his whole body closer, needing to learn that world that was their bodies combined. Like the moon being revealed after an eclipse, skin was bared, and they made love to the rhythms of the cosmos.

He was hopelessly lost in her orbit, controlled by her will, and his desire was the sky that they shared.

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Hunter A Banner

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If you enjoy reading or writing Erotic Fiction, join Pervy Lit! [30 Nov 2012|05:30pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Pervy Lit is The New Literary Showcase for Writers of Erotic Fiction.

Feel Free to post any and all fan fic pairings and original sensual stories.

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[18 Jan 2012|12:10am]

hello all, first time posting and i need serious advice!

so ive been dating this guy for about 4 months now. i dont connect with guys romantically, they always end up being good friends, so this guy is a big deal to me. we've spent these 4 months together 24/7 and have yet to get sick of each other, another big deal. this guy is the textbook definition of everything i want in a boyfriend and i finally got one. the only problem is hes still in love with his girlfriend that he broke up with 2 years ago!

he tells me that he loves me, cares about me, has feelings for me and i believe him. he treats me great and we have a lot in common. but sometimes he'll talk about his ex girlfriend (they dated for 3 years, broke up 2 years ago, had a short term girlfriend after her, but then he visited her last summer to say goodbye and they hooked up, now she lives in argentina..this was all before i had met him though). he told me once that sometimes he feels like he can never love someone the way he loved her, he called it puppy love and said shes the one that got away. whenever he talks about her i end up feeling like shit and worthless, but then he'll do something incredibly sweet to make me feel loved and i dont care anymore. then i found out recently (not thru him, though) that he told her hes going to finish college, make a bunch of money, move to argentina, and marry her. hearing that made me feel so disrespected.

so enough prefacing, heres my question. hes doing an internship in DC until May (we live in california). hes told me that he wants to come back to me, and he wants to crash at my place for a month until he can move back into his apartment hes leasing to someone else. so my question is-- should i stay in this relationship we have when he returns or should i give him the space he needs to get over his girlfriend, reconcile with her, or whatever? i love being with him so much and he makes me feel like no one has ever made me feel, but i think maybe this is the break we need for me to get over him before i fall way too deeply in love and inevitably get hurt even more. right now i just want to be with him, im just worried that the future me is going to get my heart broken even worse if it lasts longer. but i also have this hope that if we stay together long enough he will feel the same love for me that he felt for her, especially since he said when hes with me it doesnt hurt to think about his ex for the first time. so what do you guys say? should i give it a shot or let this break be the end?
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i need advice [13 May 2011|08:41am]

[ mood | confused ]

so the guy i have been inlove wit since nineth grade is back in town..we went out and it was amazing..but we r no longer together. and we never got over each other.and he told me yesterday that he hasnt dated anyone since me and that there is no way he could unless he could find someone like me..but he said that is impossible. cus im nonreplacable..and then there is this lesbian friend of mine who yesterday just told me she likes me..and i just started dating one of my best guy friends cus hes been asking me out for years so i decided to give him a chance..and my bf knows my exlove is in town and doesnt want me to hangout with him. but my ex wants to hang. and i havent seen him in a year and ive missed him so much and i just want to see him.any advice im soo confused!

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tips? [09 Mar 2011|10:37pm]

Im a very sexually curious person and always willing to try new things...I would be happy to hear tips or suggestions?
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hello... [09 Mar 2011|09:35pm]

I am 28 year old female with a little extra cushion...I have one kid and am married. I am on here out of curiosity and open to talking to anyone about anything.... so please don't leave me out!! 

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SUNY New Paltz Fake Orgasm Survey [23 Sep 2010|12:14am]

I am inviting you to participate in a survey that I am conducting on faking orgasm. I am a student at SUNY New Paltz. The survey is for a research project on faking orgasm. It has been approved by the Institutional Review Board. In the survey you will be asked a few questions on your own experiences and feelings on orgasm and faking orgasm as well as some general questions on the topic. It is not necessary to have faked, not faked, or even to have had any type of sexual interaction before. This survey is aimed to get the opinions of everyone. It is open to the public only requiring that those who take it are 18 years of age or older. Participation is voluntary and all responses are anonymous. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. If you feel uncomfortable, you may stop at any time. All responses will be very appreciated. Thank you
for your time!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me at: NPorgasmresearch@gmail.com

Below is a link to the survey:

SUNY New Paltz Orgasm Survey
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hi [22 Sep 2010|08:31pm]

I just made my profile and started blogging, please add me as a friend@! thanks!
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Total Ovulation Control [21 Mar 2010|04:18pm]
"Total Ovulation Control" - it is the program for pocket and personal computers which is intended for forecasting dates with low and high degrees of probability of approach of pregnancy, days of the beginning menstruation, presumable date of childbirth, dates of conception and a predicted sex of the future child. Results of the forecast can be used for planning conception of the child or, on the contrary, for prevention of approach of undesirable pregnancy. The calendar can be used also for more effective reception contraceptive.

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hand jobs [01 Mar 2010|05:59pm]

A little wee problem...Collapse )
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need some advice [18 Feb 2010|04:18pm]

I've been apart of this community for a bit, but this is my first time posting, so i need a little advice. So here goes:

there is this guy, we kinda reconnected over the last, like 4 days, and he's been attracted to me for a long time ( I've been attracted to him for a long time too, but never thought it would happen) ...well we were talking and we decided to hookup and have some fun, and we did and it was good and we've agreed to do it again, we didn't have sex, cause he knows i'm a virgin and we've agreed not to have sex for fear of me getting attached, but i do want to sleep with him, but i don't want to get attached to him because he has made it very clear that he doesn't want a girlfriend, which is understandable, i'm not sure if i want a boyfriend, but i can't say that a small part of me isn't hoping that we could be something more...but with all that said, as much as i want to sleep with him, do you think i should?

Thanks for reading.
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back to school [03 Feb 2010|10:58pm]

The first day back at uni is where I saw the very beauty which I wanted to
hold and love with every fibre in my body.Firstly Im in my second year at
uni,jus started the first semester i play hockey n i would be considered a
jock in america but because this is England Im just considered a sporty
chick.Im 19, about 5ft 5,with muscles not fat just a well defined bod cos of
the weights i did as a kid,brown hair with blonde streaks.Ive been told I
have cute eyes n a cute smile by my preivous girlfriends all of whom im
still in regular contact with.
Well back on with the story,she noticed me the very first day i saw her,her
smile accentuating her gorgeous green eyes.No words spoken between us just a
smile,a smile enough to make me take notice of her which can be quite rare
as Id spent most of the summer single after my ex has told me I was too good
for her.She was wearing a loose-fittin South African rugby shirt n jeans I
swear i was totallly blown away by her.I had to calm down cos she was a
fresher n i didnt wana scare away the only potential gf material I'd seen
grace the uni campus.
I'm not into all the mind games crap,n I dont believe she was the type to
play it that way,but until i knew she was gay i kept myself from getting too
excited.I walked into uni the next day n bumped into her again this time she
muttered a 'hello' at my direction. Me,being stupid did a double take
thinking my blonde beauty couldnt be talking to me I carried on walking.Not
disturbed by my percieved rudeness(I didnt know) she decided to drag me in
the toilets n pushed me into a cubicle n preceeded to kiss me hard n me not
aware of the situation took a while to respond but when i did she understood
how i felt fo'sure.After the kiss had ended which seemed like forever not
that i was complainin,she said 'Now u get the hint darlin' Im Alex,n u r?',
'Er Im Beth,Alex its nice to meet ya'.We both knew no introduction was
really neccessary.She had a glint in her green eyes n i still couldnt
believe i was standing in a uni toilet just having kissed a hot girl.She
pulled me in for another smooch n this time it was more heated and I could
feel the passion being generated between us even if it was in a toilet
After we'd finally stopped kissin n groping each other,Alex dived into my
pocket n found my fone n punched her number in it under 'Babe' I wasnt
complaining,but I still had to ask 'You do want us to be an item dont you?'
she looked at me dumbfounded and didnt answer me just grabbed my hand and
pulled me out of the toilets towards the halls.I mean I'm not the type to
have meaningless,soulless sex it just isnt me.She literally dragged me back
towards halls and as we entered the 'Lord Openshaw' hall something clicked
it was my old hall from last year.She was in my old room purely by
coincidence,but the memories came back from me n various girlfriends.
I didnt tell Alex this for fear of reprisal and plus I had no clue where
this was going.She turned the key in the door and led me in.She pushed my
back pack off my back and very slowly moved down to my jean pockets to
remove my phone and wallet,'we dont want interruptions do we?' Alex murmured
and preceeded to trun off my phone.

More at my lesbian dating blog
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Ex boyfriends, [27 Dec 2009|05:18am]
some advice would be dandy;

so my summer fling didnt end well. yes, we broke up
now....at 5am i find myself not sleeping thinking about him. i knew from the moment i broke up with him that i made a mistake breaking up with him
but now....middle of the school year..i cant stop thinking about him
whether or not hes thinking about me...whether somewhere inside him he misses me
i feel like he wont becuz,.we never got too physicalon like...Hjs or Bjs
just heavily making out
but. hes writing love notes to my best friend.
telling her how he knew i was a mistake and shit like that.
i wanna be with him so badly!
but...idontkno what to do
we recently started to text again since he got his phoneback

Should i try and make him remember the good times him and i had...
or let him go to my best friend and have me move on?

thanks for reading this =)
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boyfriend's loss of interest in sex?? [22 Dec 2009|08:14pm]

on Saturday, my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years, who I live with, told me he "lost interest in having sex a long time ago."

Read moreCollapse )
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[13 Dec 2009|06:53pm]

i need boy advice.
please im me on aim
thank you
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Why!? [06 Dec 2009|11:12pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Here's the story. I've been with the same guy for about 9 months now and maybe I'm being paranoid, I do have anxiety problems, but usually he uses a term of endearment before we bid each other goodnight while talking on IM or via text like "sweetie" or "dearist." The past week, I haven't seen much of that. We work together, and it has been stressful and I did end up making him incredibly angry one night because I over reacted to him being upset with me and stressed out but after that one episode it was fine. He still shows sexual interest in me, still kisses me, hugs me, has bought me a rather expensive x-mas gift, and has told me he loves me but just that one thing is irking me so bad. It really makes me feel like I've done something wrong. I know men stop being incredibly romantic after the whole, "new and shiny" appeal of a relationship wears off but I still worry.

I also don't know if this is worth mentioning but, we were goofing around earlier today and he started teasing me a bit so I shot him a look and he said something along the lines of, "Uhm I mean you're my bestist friend? You're my best friend ever?" I just started to worry that maybe hes starting to think of us as just friends? I really hope that isn't true and I'm really scared.

I'm afraid that I pissed him off too much over the past week because of all the stress and he's just plain annoyed with me. Yesterday, we didn't spend any time together so we had our space, and he admitted that that was good but that he did miss me. I just hope he isn't completely annoyed with me now and wants nothing to do with me.

Am I just being paranoid?

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Angles [20 Jul 2009|11:25am]

xposted to sexjournals , vaginapagina , and feminist_sex 

I don't let men go down on me. I expect them to offer, of course, but I will turn them down. In part, I turn them down because letting a man greet my pussy so directly is too intimate for casual sex, but I also turn them down because, odds are, they won't know what they are doing and then I'll have to find a way to stop them. Better never to let them begin.

Even if you think you know what you are doing, do yourself and women everywhere a favor and listen to me.

I have spent delightful time with my mouth and tongue pressed into a woman's pussy. I have felt her open up to me, felt moisture seep out to greet my tongue, felt her arch her back to press into my mouth, and felt her come around my fingers. I have also felt my tongue go numb, my jaw cramp, my whole face start to ache with the effort.
So listen to me...Collapse )


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please your girl [07 Jul 2009|12:12pm]

I've always messed around with girls at least a little bit... but more recently me and another girl have started seeing each other. Despite the fact that I am a girl and I know what I'm doing when it comes to my body, I'm still a little unsure as to whether or not I know what I think I know.

Anyway, girls - what are some of your tips and ideas on making your girl all sexified and satisfied?

And, same question guys.
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