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i need advice

so the guy i have been inlove wit since nineth grade is back in town..we went out and it was amazing..but we r no longer together. and we never got over each other.and he told me yesterday that he hasnt dated anyone since me and that there is no way he could unless he could find someone like me..but he said that is impossible. cus im nonreplacable..and then there is this lesbian friend of mine who yesterday just told me she likes me..and i just started dating one of my best guy friends cus hes been asking me out for years so i decided to give him a chance..and my bf knows my exlove is in town and doesnt want me to hangout with him. but my ex wants to hang. and i havent seen him in a year and ive missed him so much and i just want to see him.any advice im soo confused!

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