Вероника (veronique_cheri) wrote in love_sex_dating,

hand jobs

To make things simple: my boyfriend hasn't cum yet during a hand job. I'm the first person to give him one and he's told me that he masturbates every other day. I've tried probably close to 9 or 10 times, but still no luck. He says that he comes close, but there is always some kind of distraction. Either someone walks in or the TV is on. A few of the times we tried, we were intoxicated, so I think that may have some effect. The last time we tried, he came very close twice, but people walked in. He says that when he does it himself, it works. I asked him to show me how he likes it done, and he told me and I've been doing it that way almost every time. It still doesn't work. I know he is stressed out about it and has indicated that it makes him embarrassed. I feel like he is so pressured to cum that it just won't happen. How can I speed things up? Or at least help him become aroused enough to cum? I know it doesn't have much to do with me and I know he 'works' because he gets hard even when we just make out. Any ideas?
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