Kinneytaylor (ephemeralheart) wrote in love_sex_dating,

need some advice

I've been apart of this community for a bit, but this is my first time posting, so i need a little advice. So here goes:

there is this guy, we kinda reconnected over the last, like 4 days, and he's been attracted to me for a long time ( I've been attracted to him for a long time too, but never thought it would happen) ...well we were talking and we decided to hookup and have some fun, and we did and it was good and we've agreed to do it again, we didn't have sex, cause he knows i'm a virgin and we've agreed not to have sex for fear of me getting attached, but i do want to sleep with him, but i don't want to get attached to him because he has made it very clear that he doesn't want a girlfriend, which is understandable, i'm not sure if i want a boyfriend, but i can't say that a small part of me isn't hoping that we could be something more...but with all that said, as much as i want to sleep with him, do you think i should?

Thanks for reading.
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