desi_ree47 (desi_ree47) wrote in love_sex_dating,

Ex boyfriends,

some advice would be dandy;

so my summer fling didnt end well. yes, we broke up 5am i find myself not sleeping thinking about him. i knew from the moment i broke up with him that i made a mistake breaking up with him
but now....middle of the school year..i cant stop thinking about him
whether or not hes thinking about me...whether somewhere inside him he misses me
i feel like he wont becuz,.we never got too physicalon like...Hjs or Bjs
just heavily making out
but. hes writing love notes to my best friend.
telling her how he knew i was a mistake and shit like that.
i wanna be with him so badly!
but...idontkno what to do
we recently started to text again since he got his phoneback

Should i try and make him remember the good times him and i had...
or let him go to my best friend and have me move on?

thanks for reading this =)
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